Saturday, 14 July 2012

The 'Heptuple'?

After what was probably the most dramatic turnaround in Chelsea history, a team that finished sixth in the Barclay's Premier League, a team that was trailing by a goal with two minutes to go in the Champions League final managed to pull off an extraordinary FA Cup and UEFA Champions League double, to cap what was an extraordinarily roller coaster ride.

After having sacked flamboyant, young and charismatic manager Andre Villas Boas after tasting a 1-0 defeat at the hands of over-achieving West Bromwich Albion, the reins of the club were handed to Assistant manager Roberto Di Matteo, a former Chelsea legend, and ironically sacked by West Brom themselves the previous year(and not mention an uncanny similarity to Dragon Ball Z character Krillin).
Roberto Di Matteo (top); Krillin (bottom)

He stuck to the tried and tested big guns, and based on an uncharacteristically dogged and rigid defending managed to pull of one of European Football's greatest coups by beating the mighty Barcelona and an in form Bayern Munich (who themselves had vanquished La Liga Champions Real Madrid) on the way to the final.

The lasting memory of that wonderful night on May 19 is the entire Chelsea team along-with Roman Abramovich celebrating with the trophy. Fans and spectators of the beautiful game thought that this was it. The capping of Chelsea's glorious reign under Abramovich's ownership with a trophy he has desired from the very start.

Yet this is just the beginning. That singular victory has opened up a frontier which could see Chelsea go down as the greatest ever football club in just one season. It could vanquish the amazing six-trophies-in-a-season record set by Barcelona by going one better. This is because the FA Cup double and Champions League title means Chelsea will battle it out for seven trophies this season. A Heptuple.

  1. UEFA Super Cup (vs. Atletico Madrid) (Champions League Winner vs. Europa League Winner)
  2. FA Community Shield (vs. Manchester City) (FA Cup Winner vs. Premier League Winner)
  3. Club World Cup (Champions League Winner against Champions from other continents)
  4. Barclays Premier League
  5. UEFA Champions League (Qualified via Defending Champion Rule)
  6. FA Cup
  7. League Cup
2012-2013 Possible Trophy Cabinet?

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