Tuesday, 3 January 2012

First Matchday

With the number of people blogging nowadays and having their own opinion ; it comes as no surprise that a blog like this has been set up.

I've see plenty of fan sites. People posting articles, reviews, match reports, what they think should have been done or should be done and so on and so forth. I too was a boy like this. Regularly posting and commenting and writing and trying to pass on my "expert opinion".

The internet is a free-for-all (not counting your service subscription), and with the freedom of speech it becomes easy to speak your mind, have your say.

Chelsea FC is an English club and with predominantly English sites catering to fan needs it sometimes becomes difficult to make an opinion . My friends and me would usually have squabbles you know, outside the college lab ,in the classroom, near the canteen etc. Regular talk like what should have been the tactics , formation and other such 'stuff'. 'Stuff we consider ourselves masters in having logged in hours of playtime on football management games.

So I set up this blog to post my opinions . Kinda get it out of my system.

This was blog number one . Many more will follow but for now the full-time whistle sounds.

-indian chelsea fan 

P.S. First blog. Am a little nervous. It isn't very fancy language wise too. So don't be hard on me.

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